OK, so we're seriously starting a company now. This isn't our name, nor is this our official corporate website, although we suppose it represents our official sense of humor. When we get a real website up we will link to it. Until then, scroll down to enjoy.




This website is under construction, we hope you enjoy it!



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If you are looking for support on the mobwars game (facebook) CLICK HERE.




About Us:

Psycho Monkey is the company behind the Mob Wars game on Facebook. We have doubled in size in the past year alone. Psycho Monkey was rated “best place to work ever in the history of businesses” by their employees' 100% unanimous vote.



Dave Maestri

(lead programmer / webmaster)


Bob Maestri

(product / email support / user communications)






Psycho Monkey LLC has won many awards which we are proud to display on our site.


Proof of Winning Our Awards:

On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 5:16 PM, bob maestri wrote:

I, Bob Maestri, vote Psycho Monkey LLC as the best place to work in the history of businesses.  I also am so confident and satisfied in my employment that I can say with certainty that Psycho Monkey LLC will continue to be the best place to work in business for the remainder of human existence.
-Bob Maestri

--- On Wed,
3/25/09, Dave Maestri wrote:

From: Dave Maestri
Subject: Best company award
To: "bob maestri"
Date: Wednesday, March 25, 2009,
12:39 AM



Please email me back your vote so we can win this awesome award I made up. The award will be shown on our new corporate website. I have already voted, so all I need is your vote to officially win it.

Just say "I, Bob Maestri, vote Psycho Monkey LLC as the best place to work in the history of businesses." so we can win it.

Here is our new site:






Favorite Links

Apps.facebook.com/mobwars/ - our very own mob wars game (you need to sign up for facebook first!!)

www.hotbot.com – best search engine

http://www.prodigy.net/ - good internet for 56k modem

http://www.freewebs.com/ –free web site hosting